​The Benefits of the Thermojet Morfologic Infrared Body Wrap: 

You will be able to see and feel the difference after just one session. Thermojet Morfologic offers a number of different session treatments. There are three different body wrap packages, and a maintenance take home kit is available for maximum results. The results will continue after session, not just water weight. We do ask that you are well hydrated before, during and after session.

Weight Loss:

With obesity on the rise, men and women are trying to find ways to help them with their weight issues. With the Thermojet Morfologic Infrared Body Wrap System, you may lose up to eight pounds per treatment. The pounds lost are from "thermolipolysis." Thermolipolysis is the fat burning process which is created by an increased metabolic rate. The increased thermolypolytic action of the infrared works from the deep fat layers to the superficial (dermis) layer. The breakdown of fats into a more liquid form allows the secretion of excess bodily water, toxins, and fat as you perspire. The Thermojet Morfologic Infared Body Wrap comes with four preset Weight Loss session programs.

Diminish the Appearance of Cellulite:

Obesity and cellulite disorders are totally different. Cellulite is a problem of the fat tissue; whereas, obesity is an accumulation of fat excess.

Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and waste, which are trapped in pockets below the skin. The Thermojet Morfologic assist with this condition. By using one of the four preset weight loss session programs the Thermojet helps the body sweat, clearing unwanted pockets of cellulite from the body.

Heat Therapy for Pain Relief:

In general, all degenerative illness of the acute or chronic inflammation type that support the body's motion system, improve considerably with infrared therapy sessions. The relaxing effects of the infrared heat on muscles relieve these symptoms that are so common in our society. Several studies have shown that four out of five adults will suffer from backache at one point in their lives.

"For centuries, healthcare providers have used topical heat to relieve minor aches and pains. But today, we are just beginning to understand the full range of therapeutic benefits that heat offers," said pain expert Peter Vicente, Ph.D., Past-President of the American Pain Society and Clinical Health Psychologist, River hills Healthcare, Cincinnati, OH. "Through new clinical research, we have found that heat activates complex neuralgic, vascular and metabolic mechanisms to mediate the transmission of pain signals and effectively provide relief for a variety of pain conditions."

Heat Therapy More Effective Than Analgesics for Low Back Pain Relief

Source: Journal Spine, May 15, 2002, Newark, NJ, New Jersey Medical School (BW Health Wire)

Researchers find heat therapy more effective than analgesics for low back pain relief. Low level heat therapy is more effective than over-the-counter oral medications for relieving lower back pain, according to the results of a nationwide study led by a sports medicine researcher at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Journal Spine).

The Thermojet comes with two preset health and wellness session programs for pain relief. With these preset programs, we offer an alternative way of healing.

Diminish the Appearance of Blemishes and Acne:  

After using the Thermojet Morfologic you will begin to notice that your skin is becoming cleaner. You will also notice a difference in the tone of your skin and its elasticity and also the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet.

The sweat that occurs during the 40-minute session is causing the skin to clean itself. This helps the body to purge impurities and dead skin cells, leaving a baby soft feeling to your skin.

The Thermojet Morfologic has an optional infrared facial pad. This infrared pad will allow direct infrared contact to both the face and the chin area. This is a great additional service for your facial concerns.

Detoxify the Body: 

Our bodies are a reservoir of toxins and tend to store these toxins for years, triggering illness. Infrared is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals and other environmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat saunas, steam saunas, and mineral wraps. Using the Thermojet will allow you a more toxin-free lifestyle.

What is Infrared Therapy?

Infrared Therapy is defined as the use of Infrared as by infrared lamps or heating pads to relieve pain and increase circulation to a particular area of the body.

To better understand infrared therapy, we have to have a better understanding of what type of infrared rays we are speaking about. Infrared heat is a form of energy that is produced by the sun. Infrared divides into three infrared waves: near or close, middle or intermediate, and far or long. Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye, but we know that infrared is present by feeling the warmth on our skin.

Infrared has the longest wavelength of color. We feel infrared as heat. This is the same heat our bodies create and the same heat we feel from the sun. Infrared is also the same type of heat that comes off an electric stove burner after it is turned off.

Now that we have a better understanding of infrared therapy, we can discuss the following statements made by doctors in the field of infrared.

Dr. Sasaki Kyuo, M.D., has done extensive research on the therapeutic uses of infrared therapy. She is the author of "The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy." Dr. Kyuo reports successful treatments of many illnesses by using infrared therapy. The list of illnesses include: facial numbness; shoulder, back, and knee pain; weight loss; lower blood pressure.

Dr. Yamajaki, a researcher and writer of "Infrared Therapy.